Monday, July 12, 2010


Village meetings
ADISIL has conducted over a thousand meetings in villages all over Tamil Nadu. These meetings are scheduled for late evenings so farmers can complete their daily work and participate. We introduce the concept of sustainable farming and describe organic farming techniques. This is followed by a group discussion. ADISIL invites those farmers who show an interest to our monthly training camps so they can learn more and decide for themselves about going organic.

Village level farmers meeting organized in the evening times. This year most of the expenses had meat out by the local farmers. There were 42 meetings organized in 20 villages of Virudhunagar and Madurai districts. These meetings organized by our volunteers in the village and one organic farmer would explain his experience on sustainable agriculture in the meeting.

In the meeting the following topics discussed,

1. How to enrich the soil?

2. What are problems facing by the farmers and how to tackle them?

3. Water management techniques

4. Crop management methods

After the lecture of the resource person the farmers were raising questions in the meeting. The expert would clarify the doubts and give solutions to the concerned farmer.

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