Monday, July 12, 2010


A team of socially concerned professionals having considerable experience in different fields and having diverse backgrounds, including development work, farming, journalism and engineering.

We have been continuously reflecting on the importance, relevance needs and challenges of sustainable development in India in the wake of the changing global socio-economic scenario. We also wished to find expressions to our common vision and aspirations related to sustainable development and add a concrete approach to development practice.

Traditional knowledge systems and technologies are Nature-friendly. They decentralize the production and distribution of various goods and services. Hence, they naturally helped people live in a sustainable manner even as they prospered. We realize that traditional knowledge should be implemented with current scientific input. We have already continuously working with farming community in a non-formal way. After that we have planned to establish a resource center functioning in this perspective can fulfill the requirements of the weaker section of the society and the environment.

All these factors put together led to the setting up of ADISIL (Agrarian Development Institute for Sustenance & Improved Livelihood), in February 2005, as a Public Trust for educational and charitable purposes.

Initially ADISIL team was working with farmers in an informal way. After we met Ms. Bharti Patel of SVARAJ, Bangalore, ADISIL is formally registered and its activities also expanded. She is one of the promoters of this organisation.

The main objective ADISIL is to create livelihoods through organic farming for small and marginal farmers in Tamil Nadu.

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