Monday, July 12, 2010


What is life? Life is nothing but food!
What is food? Food is nothing but land and water.
(Undi koduthor Uyir Koduthor!
Unavenappaduvathu Nilathodu neerea! - Purananooru -200 BC)
This is the traditional view of the Tamils and this link between human life and Nature is continuously affirmed in various Tamil epics and poems. Self reliance, sustainable living, and love of - and due respect for - all living beings including the earth itself were the basis on which the Tamils built a civilization that flourished for several millennia.
Thirukkural, the sacred text of Tamils, asserts that all living beings are equal at birth. Hence, Thirukkural ordains that of all the beneficial activities that a human being is capable of, the most important is sharing (food, etc.) with every living being. Not just sharing, but Thirukural advocates providing a bigger share to the vulnerable among humans. Going one huge step further, it advocates such disproportionate sharing across species, such that more vulnerable organisms get more protection.
Such a harmonious way of living was practiced by indigenous peoples throughout the world.
Tragically, such a glorious tradition slowly gave way to the anthropocentric view in which human beings arrogated to themselves dominion over all beings, living and non-living. Scientific and technological advancements over the last two centuries hastened this process of domination of Nature. The ever-widening chasm between humans and Nature has lead to increasing inequalities among human beings themselves.
We need not look very far for signs of such inequalities. Worldwide it is estimated that over 800 million people go to bed hungry every day.
Hunger is the root cause of all other social evils, from unconscionably high rates of child and maternal mortality to global terrorism. Eradication of hunger by living in harmony with Nature is the only way of eliminating all social ills.
Since we envision the creation of a hunger-free world, we set out to form an organization.

ADISIL envisions a society that offers adequate and equal opportunities for all living organisms, including all humans surpassing the barriers of caste, religion, region, gender and age, to live in peace and harmony with nature.

Enabling the community organizations/farmer associations and individual farmers in the region engaged in skill and knowledge development education and action,
to increase their understanding and awareness of their livelihood issues and context,
to build their organizational capabilities through a process of accompaniment
to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in empowering the communities/Individuals they work with towards achieving integral and sustainable development through education, action and research
Eradication of poverty and creation of employment opportunities in rural Tamil Nadu by ecologically conscious and socially committed actions through developing a replicable agro-educational system for sustainable, self-reliant livelihood.

ADISIL has been founded, and will be run, according to a set of values mentioned below which form the core operating principles of the organization.

This is to ensure that ADISIL’s constituency and its colleagues have a sense of active involvement in all plans and programs, that the programs are not imposed from above but rather, they emanate from within, through a process of consultation and discussion true to the partnership spirit.

This is to ensure collective leadership at all levels, requiring sharing, cooperation and a positive team spirit among its members. Duties and responsibilities are shared and decisions are made at group level rather than by individuals.

This is to emphasize the need for being open and receptive to new ideas and remain flexible in our policies, plans and approaches. This is also to reiterate the fact that development is never static but a dynamic process, which demands an open mind to world views and trends.

This is based on the firm belief that all humans need to be treated equally irrespective of their material wealth, social status, gender, knowledge, occupation and skills. ADISIL respects the integral worth and dignity of every person.

An organization cannot preach justice outside if it does not practice it internally. All of ADISIL’s policies, programs and actions will be guided largely by this core value. It is ultimately ADISIL’s wish to see that justice is restored to the common person in all spheres - social, economic and political.

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