Monday, July 12, 2010


Palmyra Palm (Panai) is the official Tree of Tamil Nadu. It can live 100 years more and reach height 100 feet. Palmyra palm tree has numerous uses. Almost every part of the tree has some kind of utility. People generally use the hard outer wood to posts, beams and for domestic purposes. The vacant stem of the Palmyra palm tree is considered as best for making water pipes. The leaves of the tree itself have a large number of uses. People can make fans, mats, baskets, buckets, hats, umbrellas and sandals from them. They can also be used as a very good thatch. People also enjoy eating the jelly like pulp of the fruit and the soft kernels of young fruit very much. The developed nuts and their enlarged, fleshy embryos are also cooked and eaten as vegetables. Moreover, the midribs of the leaves and the fibres from their stalks has the ability to be used in making brushes and people use the net-like material at the base of the young leaf for making into torches as well.

Palmyra felling is very common in Tamil Nadu. Most of the rural area lost its beauty of Palmyra.

ADISIL has started a campaign to 'Save Palmyra Palm'

one lakh seed plantation work started in the month of October 2009 at T. Kallupatti, Madurai district of Tamil Nadu. The district collector inaugurated the function and planted a seed near the common pond.

Every year the action will be continued with support of local community. Anybody can join this campaign.

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